Join us on Wednesday 17 November at 20:30 CET for a live discussion with Wearers Festival on how moving to new places changed what we wore and our perspectives on fashion.
On the complex relationship with our clothes, the sensory experience they offer and the ways clothes shape our life, this issue explores the intimacies…
Books, series, even a festival: attention for the practice of wearing clothes is growing. Nora Veerman traces this development and wonders: why now?
Guest writer Nao Zaragoza from Wearers Festival writes a letter to her trench coat and tells the story of how it became her coat of armour.
Guest writer Nessa Recine from Wearers Festival writes a letter to her beloved heels and explains why she said goodbye.
Eanna Morrison Barrs joins the Wearers Festival bookclub to discuss their latest pick, 'Patch Work: A Life Amongst Clothes' by Claire Wilcox.
The way our clothes feel, smell and even sound plays a significant part in the wearing experience. Let’s have a closer look at the familiar everyday…
Want to dive further into the theme? We’ve gathered a variety of resources on the topic of wearers, from conversations on stilettos to podcasts on the…
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