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Fashion Foreword is a monthly newsletter and platform about contemporary fashion, combining perspectives from academia, the industry, and everyday life. Each month, we introduce our readers to a new theme inspired by recent events, and explore it through a collection of in-depth articles, reviews, resources, and personal stories.

We publish accessible, independent, and forward-thinking fashion criticism, sparking reflection on the role of fashion in our daily lives and the world at large. Our mission is to inspire inclusive and critical dialogue around fashion for everyone. We encourage readers of all backgrounds to engage with our online discussions, which dig deeper into the issues presented each month. We collaborate with individuals and institutions around the world, inviting a rich variety of views to the platform.

Our Team

The editorial team is a tight-knit group of creative individuals with a shared vision of making fashion criticism engaging and accessible. Our team met while doing a Master’s in Fashion Studies at Stockholm University, and have since gone on to work in fashion academia, journalism, the industry, and museums. We bring our expertise in fashion and politics, material culture, gender and heritage to critically reflect on contemporary fashion.


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Judith, Eanna, Jip, and Nora
The Fashion Foreword Team

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